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2NM Breakfast with Andrew



Andrew (The Bear) Reynolds was born in Singleton and raised in Sydney.

At 47 years old, this is his third radio gig. After a long apprenticeship in Sydney community radio Andrew took the massive step into commercial firstly at Broken Hill before moving to Parkes and now to the Upper Hunter Valley.

The Bear loves the breakfast spot and lives to entertain and inform listeners with a blend of interesting, thought-provoking and odd stories from around the globe. Combined with his quirky sense of humour it will make for a truly interesting experience for the listeners of the Hunter Valley.

Sport is a major passion with interests in rugby union, NRL, soccer, ice hockey, American Football and cricket at the top of the list. There’s not much sport the Bear doesn’t watch and he’s happy to share his opinion on all of them having had a go at most.

Outside of work, the Bear still loves to play cricket and is an avid movie-goer with his wife and daughters.